Success stories

– Jacquelyn Chen mother of Cassidy and Ryan Chen; midfielders LA Bulls 

Our kids have been training with Travis, whenever he’s in town, since 2017.  He’s a dynamic coach with incredible technical knowledge of soccer. Prior to each session, Travis would check in with them about their recent games and/or practices to have them self- assess their performances then work with them on improvements.    He encourages them to push beyond what they think their limit is, but is always mindful of their wellbeing in the process. He has a talent of getting teens to perform at their best. I highly recommend Travis Bowen as a soccer coach for anyone who wants to improve his or her game.

- Andy Berman Father of Tyler Berman; midfielder Autobahn/PCSC

Our son has worked with Travis for a couple of years now and during that time has transformed from a struggling AYSO player to a competitive club soccer player. Travis has helped improve his technical skills, conditioning, and athleticism. But perhaps most importantly, Travis has inspired him to push himself to the max to improve. He looks forward to his sessions with Travis even though he knows they’re going to be tough, as Travis knows how to balance pushing kids while keeping things fun. On top of it all, Travis is a pleasure to deal with for us and our son alike. He is kind, flexible, driven and joyful. A great teacher and role model.

- Rudy

Alvarado father of Adiel Alvarado; midfielder LA Galaxy Southbay 

Travis Bowen coached my son Adiel when he was playing for the Galaxy South Bay Soccer Club about 3 years ago. Travis showed great professionalism by providing personal soccer training sessions for about three months. Travis Bowen improved my son’s ball control, passing, shooting and soccer IQ . Furthermore,Travis mentored my son Adiel to be a person of good moral character and exhibit a hard work- ethic on the soccer field and in life.

Travis worked with my son’s teammates providing group sessions to improve team chemistry. Travis ensured that the kids’ soccer skills transferred to game situations by recommending soccer strategies.  Travis invited Adiel, his teammates, and all the parents to watch his games when he was playing for the Galaxy 2, professional team .  The kids had to analyze Travis’ performance and application of the soccer game in real life situations. All the parents of the kids whom Travis coached were highly impressed by his dedication to his soccer craft. In fact all the kids whom Travis Coached, are currently playing in Flight 1 soccer teams.

Travis is a great role model and amazing soccer trainer!

I attest to Travis ability to inspire my son Adiel and his teammates to become the

best soccer players on the field and in life.  Undoubtedly, Travis will motivate, inspire, and teach one to elevate one’s  soccer game!

- Eric Paul Jr. Father of Kal-El Paul; Striker San Fernando Dynamo FC

Ideal training from ideal trainer with former and current pro experience. Travis focuses not only on physical strength, but also mental development. After training with Travis, my son went from goalie to field player, and now is a captain of silver elite soccer club from only 2 years of training.

- Jennifer Braun mother of Alessandro Gonzalez; midfielder Power Evolution FC

Travis is an incredible trainer. He understands the needs of his clients and provides trainings that are intensive and motivating.  My son has learned soccer skills as well as life skills working with Travis.